The Early Morning Sing a Song

Good Morning’ Starshine. The Earth says Hello. My Love and I and Starshine. The early morning …sing a song. I loved the live musical HAIR in London in 1970.  My theme song forever.  Today ……was unusual.  I slept in …a rare occurrence because I absolutely love being a member of that 5 a.m. Club.  Robin […]

For Everything Turn Turn Turn There is a Season Turn Turn Turn

It was two weeks before I returned to my counselling practice after arriving back home from Mexico.   I was very glad to be hold up  in our “Little Cabin in the Big Woods”  appreciative of the beauty of the gilt on the snow from the brilliant Alberta sunshine..    Happy I was to be […]

In the Moment

Without a doubt spending time in Mexico was an incredible adventure.   My husband agreed to come…. for a week.  His “hidden” agenda – I know him well after 42 years – was to ensure I was “safe” but his commitment was …… days.  I maintained my focus.  I assured myself this was a good […]

Life is What Happens When You are Busy Making Other Plans

As I had never been to Mexico and had heard many many dramatic fear producing news stories OF MEXICO, my pretty little fingers dashed across the keys as I thrust questions at my friend – my future landlady. *Is Mexico safe? Can you drink the water? *Do you live in a Gated Community? Is it […]

Sucking the Sweet Nectar of Life

  I sound like a hummingbird.  I just wanted to share a few ideas.  Didn’t know it was called “Blogging”  Blogging. Slogging. Whatever.  Things get so darn complicated when really all I wanted to do was bring some ideas swirling in my ADHD brain down onto paper.  Well it does look  like paper but that […]

10 Reasons for TAKING AIM on an Internet Ride

As we spoke on the telephone, she said to me as only a logical, sequential, solution-focused left brain daughter can: “Why are you building a website Mother? You don’t need more clients. You said you want to slow down. You said you are too busy already and here you are adding one more thing to […]