Sucking the Sweet Nectar of Life



I sound like a hummingbird.  I just wanted to share a few ideas.  Didn’t know it was called “Blogging”  Blogging. Slogging. Whatever.  Things get so darn complicated when really all I wanted to do was bring some ideas swirling in my ADHD brain down onto paper.  Well it does look  like paper but that has to be an illusion because I, a wayward techie, am in Word on my Mac.   When I was younger my best work was on an IBM Selectric II typewriter with the automatic erase button –VERY ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY IN 1971 .  It was my 1st anniversary present from my sweet husband. I remember it being delivered to the isolated aboriginal community of Fort Chipewyan, AB CANADA.   It was frozen solid from its trip in on the Cessna 180 and in my excitement I raced home, parcel in the back of our red CJ5 Jeep and immediately unpacked it and attempted to thaw it out quickly with a hair dryer.  Not a good idea   Messed up my miracle machine in my excitement to use it before it had adjusted to its new home and had to send it back out for repairs on the next plane!

But then that is my story – sometimes a little too much exuberance in sucking the sweet nectar out of every aspect of my life as quickly as possible.  Years ago I was trained in Transcendental Meditation ™. In fact I registered the whole damn family!  If the Beatles did it,  we would too!  The idea was to meditate morning and evening for 20 minutes a pop.  God even the way I say it sounds too enthusiastic!  My friend Sue said “ Sandra’s take away on TM training is meditating for ten minutes – at noon – probably while riding her bike- and getting three times the benefit!”  Slow me down Lord.  Ease the pounding of my heart!

Such exuberance lead to my response to an email from my friend Connie “Any friend interested in renting our little Mexican “Touch of Paradise” Casa for two weeks to two years, email me!”  I was checking emails on my phone while my sweet husband  was driving the Jasper Banff Highway when I received this drop of sweet nectar.  I turned to him.  “Well, what do you think?”  He didn’t even blink. “I’m working” he replied.  I called my Firstborn while her Dad listened probably not too intently.  “Well what do you think Darlin’” I queried?   “Book it” said the three time Mexican all inclusive resort girl who loved Mexico.  I looked again at my sweet husband oblivious to our conversation.  He was driving.  My heart was pounding.  This sounded like a dream.  I could write my book. I could get off the Treadmill of Life for a while! I could SLOWWWWWW DOWNNNNNNNN!   An unknown possibility that had never seen the light of day in this woman.  I was going to suck the sweet nectar out of every flower in Puerta Vallarta!

Self Reflection for Taking A.I.M. on Life

Getting off the Treadmill of Life for a regular drink of water is crucial to health and well being.  How does one incorporate such into one’s life on a regular basis without feeling you must go to Mexico?

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