Good therapy can catapult you into productive introspection, into finding the answers that lie inside.”


Two Step Process for New Clients
1. Book your Appointment Online.
2. Fill out an Intake Form, Informed Consent Form, and Symptom Checklist form to bring with you to your first appointment:

Missed Appointment Policy – 24 hours

An integral part of the therapeutic process is making your well being a priority and attending all sessions as scheduled. It is your responsibility to ensure you know the date and time of your appointment.  If you are unable to attend a session, it is important that you give the A.I.M. therapist at least 24 hrs. notice or you will be directly charged for the missed session. Such will be due before your next session.  This courtesy allows A.I.M. to provide services to those on the waiting list for therapy and your co-operation in this regard is very much appreciated. If unforeseen circumstances interfere with your attendance within that 24 hr. period, please call your therapist letting her know your circumstances and such will be taken into consideration.


Fee Related Issues

Employee Assistance Programs

Please check your employee benefit package and see if you have coverage for psychological or therapeutic counselling services through an an EAP (Employee Assistance Program).  Kristin LeCoure contracts with many EAP companies and her credentials as a Registrated Psychologist are recognized by 90% ofl Insurance Providers. If you are accessing counseling through an Employee Assistance Program such will be directly billed by Kristin to your EAP Company.If you do not know if you have an EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM thru your company 1) check your benefit package, or 2) contact your Human Resource Department or 3) Call an AIM therapist directly.  When you call your EAP indicate your desire to see Kristin is that is your wish. Once she is contacted by your EAP, Kristin will then contact you and direct you to the AIM website to set up your first appointment. Once you attend the intital appt you can book additional sessions immediately. As an EAP client, you cannot book your first appointment with AIM until you connect with Kristin LeCoure. Kristin LeCoure contracts with many Employee Assistance programs as counselling services are a part of the benefit program of many companies.   

Fee for Service Clients

Please be advised as a FFS client you can book your first and all subsequent appointments with Kristin or Sandra online by clicking here.   An official receipt will be issued for services rendered following your appointment.

Please Note:  Sandra Young Kolbuc has reduced her client load and clients consist ONLY of Fee for Service clients and selected EAFPs in Whitecourt area  Call Sandra at 780778-2211 for further information.

Insurance Companies

By contacting your insurance provider,  you can determine if you can be financially reimbursed for your counseling sessions by submitting receipts for such service.  Please note the necessary designation of the counselor specified by your insurance provider to help you determine a suitable counselor. Sandra is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in trauma. Not all insurance companies accept this designation.     Kristin is a REGISTERED PSYCHOLOGIST and as such most insurance companies – Blue Cross, Manual Life, SunLife, ASEBP etc will reimburse her services. AIM does not directly bill insurance companies and it is your responsibility to determine if your counsellor is covered by your insurance.

Confused?  Call 780-778-2211 and leave a message for Sandra Young Kolbuc to call you and help sort through this.  (This will the hardest part of therapy!!)

Please note: AIM therapists do not engage in Home Assessments, Fit for Work Assessments, Third Party Requests for Information, Letters on your behalf for Court Proceedings.    We WILL write letters indicating that you have attended therapy noting the dates of attendance.