Life is What Happens When You are Busy Making Other Plans

As I had never been to Mexico and had heard many many dramatic fear producing news stories OF MEXICO, my pretty little fingers dashed across the keys as I thrust questions at my friend – my future landlady.

*Is Mexico safe? Can you drink the water?
*Do you live in a Gated Community? Is it safe?
*How far is the beach? Are there alligators in the water?
*Is Montezuma’s Revenge a Given?

The list went on…and on. She answered my every question calming my trepidation, encouraging me to follow my gut. I breathed in deep and booked for two months. It felt right. “Check in with your gut – your second brain” How many times had I said that to my clients, my kids? My husband decided to come …..for a week. The first one. I bet his guts were rolling when he realized his sweet little wife was serious about going. I knew he was coming just ensure it was safe for .. me and of course his daughter, son-in-law and precious granddaughters . The First Born had booked to join me on my adventure with her husband and two little girls, 18 months and 4 years for two weeks in February. Actually 17 days. 🙂

I asked my “Sweatheart” in December if he had given much thought to our trip at the end of the month. He replied ”I try not to” And thus in my mind when I wasn’t racing around trying to organize my practice for a two month hiatus – the trip had begun- a trip to a country I had never visited. A trip that would take me far far away from my work, my husband, my kids and grandkids (except First Born and her family for …17 days:), my home, my country and my grandson’s good old Saturday morning hockey games. Canada eh? It was to be an inner journey. Physical Activity. Writing. Learning to Take a Siesta mid afternoon, Meditation in the Evening – God I sounded so pure…and Just Living. (What the hell is that?? ) I invited a dear artist friend to join me for two weeks thinking we would be creative together in accessing our gifts and talents. Very noble idea, Sandra. I had no responsibilities other than to the Old Babe – Me. I needed to get off the treadmill of life. I needed a break. An inner journey of sorts. The thought was so peaceful. However…………………The universe had other plans.

Self Reflection for Taking A.I.M. on Life

When making a decision this week practice checking in with your second brain – your gut – and see what it’s telling you using your intuitive sense. It must ‘feel’ right. Practice going with that intuitive sense. The body knows and can guide you.

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