10 Reasons for TAKING AIM on an Internet Ride

web picAs we spoke on the telephone, she said to me as only a logical, sequential, solution-focused left brain daughter can: “Why are you building a website Mother? You don’t need more clients. You said you want to slow down. You said you are too busy already and here you are adding one more thing to your To Do list” Did I hear exasperation in her voice? My right brain sizzled. This one tells it as she sees it. The conversation continued. “Well my Darling Daughter. I want a website.” “Why?” she countered. I stumbled on my words as I prepared a reply. She was right. I was over the top busy and on my last birthday I had decided to cut back on my work load. “I like our logo and our company colors” I replied. I knew that would get her. I heard her try to stifle first a gasp and then a giggle as she proceeded on her quest to get me to see the light. “Think about it Mother. Why do you need a presence on the internet?” I was silent for a moment. “I will think seriously about your perception…when I have a moment!” I knew she was just gathering ammunition to share with her siblings about their “weird” mother. I hung up the phone gently. She did have a point. What was to be gained by this endeavor?” I hit the computer. Not literally. I am not a violent person. Reframe to Passionate – yes –definitely. Ideas began to flow.

Title: Ten Reasons to Develop a Website

  1. Profiling A.I.M. services and the excellence with which they are branded. (At least I know the latest lingo)
  2. Marketing E-Counselling – For clients who find it easier to write than talk . I can do it in my housecoat unless they want to skype or facetime.
  3. Using the gift of storytelling to share my adventures on life’s highways with all its twits (Freudian slip) and twists and twitters and damned opportunities for…… growth and sharing secrets for staying between the ditches.
  4. Igniting the fire of hope and exploring some of the great mysteries and challenges of relationship with others and oneself without getting burned to a crisp!
  5. Sharing neuropsychological principles -how the brain works – at least most brains excluding those of some of my weird friends and relations. LOL
  6. Establishing Discipline for my ADHD Brain by writing a BLOG (more lingo!) each week.
  7. Getting with the Times – I don’t even do internet banking:(
  8. Following my Bliss. I giggle at my own adventures and hopefully bring laughter to others because laughter is… an instant cheap vacation!
  9. Firing up my neocortex so I do not die with my “music” still inside!
  10. Influencing my children with my blog because they’ll never miss one just in case I talk about them! 🙂


Self Reflection for Taking AIM on Life

What “music” do you want to share with the world before you “turn to dust?”


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