Sandra’s Self Statement

To compromise a quote attributed to Mark Twain “The reports of my death (as a therapist) have been highly exaggerated! “ I am still  seeing clients in and out of the Blue Chair in the AIM Office and at the Kolbuc Quarters in the energy of the AIM TEEPEE or our Meditation Room..  Why am I still doing what I do? Counselling. Creating Women’s Programs. Why? Because I am passionate about sharing what I have learned and am still learning about how to help clients find healthier ways to manage their lives effectively by decreasing the impact of post traumatic stress which impacts both the body, mind and spirit. Post traumatic stress responses are not limited to war veterans nor sexual abuse .  PTSD responses come when the nervous system is overwhelmed by events in our lives.. Using self regulation therapy (see ) such overwhelm from life experiences of accidents and falls, surgeries, interpersonal trauma or global activation are released. I begin my day with a routine of yoga, meditation, journaling and learning something new – generally studying more and more about neuroscience and how to work with post traumatic stress responses. My mantra has become “Today is a good day to have a good day!” At University my Bachelor & Master’s focus was in Physical Education.  If you are brave enough to meet with me rest assured you will learn the benefits of adding physical activity to your self care plan as you build resilience and move forward in your healing. Mark Twain says the most important days in your life as the day you were born and the day you figured out why. Meditation and mindful awareness are central to my work as we sit together assisting you to become less reactive, more centered and calm regardless of your past circumstances and thereby able to make healthier life choices.

Once we get that strong sense of what we value and believe the fire starts within and filters out to all with whom we are in connect.  #Times Up. We are beyond the benefits of a strictly patriarchal system of governance. In the Women’s Wellness Series, we sages who have walked a few more miles on this earth have the responsibility to create spaces where women both young and old…er can come together and determine ways to bring balance to our lives while still contributing much of the beautiful feminine energy we carry into the big visions for the remainder of our own lives  With the collective voices of the #metoo and #times up movements that are bringing potential awareness to all who are open to waking up to realize how much we as women need to bring strong feminine energy to find solutions we get to contribute to to the ultimate destiny of our children, our families, our communities, our provinces or states and our nations. As Gloria Steinam activist extraordinaire says we still have much work to do to overcome our marginalized experience in the patriarchal structures of leadership that exist in our so called democratic structures.  TAKE AIM on joining me and other seekers at AIM ACADEMY sessions where you will learn self compassion and love for the caregivers we are and find our voices and share our perspectives on changing our own corner of the universe.

I am particularly passionate about encouraging women to find their power as women Resilient* Reverent*  & Self *Regulated in cementing the beautiful strong and caring ways of women into all the cracks and crevices of our fractured world .  It is here that much of my energy is now directed in tune with the necessity of women finding their voices and continuing the Revolutionary Women’s Movement of the ‘60s with great Love, Peace and Tenacity.  There is still so much to be done to make that maxim of LOVE AND PEACE the true cry of the planet Earth.