Kristin’s Self Statement

For years when someone asked me what I did for a living, I would proudly say I was a stay-at -home Mom. It never dawned on me to share the title of my evening and weekend job which was that of a counselling psychologist. At times my role as such  felt like this indulgent hobby where I got to meet  incredible people who entrusted me to participate with them on their life journeys. I was living my dream and using all my years of schooling, reading and writing to help others as they experienced  the joys and sorrows of their lives. What a gift I had been given.

When my last baby entered Grade One in 2017 my “side” job became my “day” job and I started for the first time to call myself a psychologist. Although I am extremely proud of my profession,  titles never sit well with me. When my children asked me what I was doing when I went to work I would say “I am a helper person and sometimes when people feel sad or mad or lonely or confused, I help them find ways to feel better.  I mean really we are all just human beings figuring out how to do life.  Right?

Although, I am aware of the professional distinction, who I am as a psychologist is not that much different from the me in all my roles.   I come to the table with a skill set which equips me to be that “helper.”  My approach is authentic. I embrace humor, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard. You will not likely see me in a three piece suit.  You may see me in yoga pants! You will not sit on a clinical couch. You may even sit on the floor or a yoga ball chair. You will not be subjected to a self proclaimed expert who knows all the answers and although my approach is grounded in science and theory, who you are and who you are becoming will never get lost in that. Finally, you will find that I too am not perfect.  I am learning to be a human being rather than a human doing! Yes I have made missteps and have had many challenges or as we say at AIM “opportunities for growth” I too have experienced loss and sorrow, frustration and confusion but in our mutual imperfections you and I will create a platform for connection which will be the foundation of the work we will do together.

And although I do say that I am blessed to work in a job that I love, I grew up in a family of therapists so this in many ways was my destiny. While many people say that their training began in University, I am a therapist’s kid so my training started at the dinner table in Grade Three where my three siblings & I learned “constructive communication” and those famous “I feel” messages. I did however go beyond the dinner table and began a Masters in Counselling Program  while on maternity leave with my first baby. I thought I would have plenty of down time. Ha!Ha!. However once completed I loved the opportunity of having had the pleasure of working in private practice with such a state of the art company as AIM. Regardless of what issue you bring to the table my approach is this: I can guarantee I will challenge you at every session to uncover your best self and we will discover together how you can live your best life out there in the real world outside my office.  I have seen for years that when supported without judgment, people can truly find their sweet spot in life. I hope that you will consider adding counselling to your overall self care plan and come in for a chat. It would be my true honor to work with you.

– Kristin